Monday, June 29, 2009

South Side Navina

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Floating Islands

Floating Islands Uros Indians

If you stand on any of the 48 floating islands in Lake Titicaca, is felt as the earth moves under your feet. Like walking on water or plyvesh on this.......

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Kim Kardashian - Transformers

Kim Kardashian - Transformers- Revenge of the Fallen

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Lenovo Pocket Yoga

Lenovo Pocket Yoga Recently, the Internet has created photo Lenovo Pocket Yoga. It turns out that.......

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shama Sikander June Photo Shoot

Shama Sikandar still known as popular star of television rather than bollywood movies. She rose to fame with serial Yeh Meri Life Hai on Sony and since.......
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Belgium sets world record toilet queue

If you've ever pondered how many hours of your life are wasted standing cross-legged in a queue for the toilet, you might empathise with.......
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Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles

Jennifer Lopez on the set of The Back-Up Plan in Pasadena Los Angeles
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Submarine Deep Flight Super Falcon

In the Bay of San Francisco passed the first test «flying» submarine Deep Flight Super Falcon. Originally Deep Flight Super Falcon submarine was designed for a millionaire Tom Perkins (Tom Perkins) Maltese Falcon by Hawkes Ocean Technologies. Noticing how interest in their development, the company Hawkes Ocean Technologies has decided to make the design of submarines in the business. In addition to the original submarine for 1.3 million dollars, Hawkes Ocean Technologies will also sell a mini-submarine version of the open booths for 350 thousand dollars. More images after the break...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sony Zappin MP3 Player

Here’s Sony Zappin, a thumbkey like digital audio player. It comes with 2GB of internal memory, FM tuner and Sony’s Drag and Drop Technology that goes.......
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The unusual ritual

The unusual ritual in a small provincial town of Castillo de Murcia, in Spain, at the end of spring, from 22 to 25 May each year passes, one of the most.......

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Kareena Checks Saif's Call Records

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor love each other very much but Bebo revealed the fact that she does not trust her boyfriend completely and check Saif’s call records and.......

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kim Kardashian at L'Hermitage Hotel

Kim Kardashian - Photo Session at L'Hermitage Hotel in Monte Carlo, June 10-09

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William Windsor - Goat

William Windsor (known as Billy), a goat in the military, was a lance corporal in the 1st Battalion, the Royal Welsh, an infantry battalion of the British Army. He served as a lance corporal from 2001 until 2009, except for a three month period in 2006 when he was demoted to fusilier, after unacceptable behaviour during the Queens' birthday celebrations while deployed on active service with the battalion on Cyprus. He retired to Whipsnade Zoo in May 2009.
The tradition of having goats in the military originated in 1775 when a wild goat walked onto the battlefield in Boston during the American Revolutionary War and led the Welsh regimental colours at the end of the Battle of Bunker Hill. more images after the break...

Billy, a Kashmir goat from the royal herd at Whipsnade Zoo, was presented to the regiment by Queen Elizabeth II in 2001. He is said to be friendly and likes meeting people. The tradition is not new: since 1844, the British Monarchy has presented an unbroken series of Kashmir goats to the Royal Welch Fusiliers from the crown's own royal herd.
The royal goat herd was originally obtained from Mohammad Shah Qajar, Shah of Persia from 1834–1848, when he presented them to Queen Victoria as a gift in 1837 upon her accession to the throne. Billy is thus descended from the same royal bloodline as the original herd.

Military career
Billy — Army number 25232301 — is not a mascot, but a ranking member of the regiment; since joining in 2001, he has served overseas, and has met royalty. His primary duty was to march at the head of the battalion on all ceremonial duties. He was present for every parade in which the regiment participated.
He spent two and a half years in Cyprus while the battalion was posted there, and has lived in Chester since their return.

Goat Major
Billy had a full-time handler during his military service, Lance-Corporal Ryan Arthur, known as the Goat Major, who ensured Billy's welfare at all times.
Following eight years of distinguished service, Billy retired due to his age. On 20 May 2009, he was led into his trailer by the battalion's Goat Major in full ceremonial dress, including a silver headdress which was a gift from the Queen in 1955. Soldiers from the battalion lined the route from his pen to the trailer as he left the camp for the last time. Billy returned to Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire where keepers say that he will have an easy life at the Children's Farm. His replacement will be chosen from a herd on the Great Orme in Llandudno in June.
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Suma Guha

Even Suma Guha would never have thought that her ex0p$ing photo shoot will be so popular and widely viewed. Inspite of her.......
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Sony Ericsson Aino- 8-MP with the PlayStation 3

Sony Ericsson Aino: 8-MP camera, and integration with the PlayStation 3 In a new series of Entertainment Unlimited has entered the touch phone Sony Ericsson Aino. The model represents a younger version of Satio, equipped with 8.1-MP camera and a 3-inch tachskrinom. At the core of new items is the.......
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Potala Palace

The Potala Palace (Tibetan: Wylie: Po ta la; simplified Chinese: traditional Chinese: is located in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region. It was named after Mount Potala, the abode of.......
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paris Hilton Denied Mother Mertua Candidates

Quoted from Femalefirst, Paris Hilton is not considered good candidates daughter. "He was not happy to hear the news when Ronaldo fell in love with Paris. But he knows his son is mature and leave their children aware of the error itself," said a source close to Ronaldo.

It seems, Paris must be fought first to melt the heart ibunda Ronaldo asmaranya with that story pesepakbola akan sod in which Real Madrid is running smoothly.

Paris really fall in love with players who dijuluki the CR-7. He seeks to understand the life of Ronaldo, who is always surrounded by beautiful women.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Megan Fox en Transformers 2: La venganza de los caídos

Estando proximos al estreno mundial de la secuela de Los Transformers, traemos unas capturas de imagenes de Megan fox en la nueva pelicula “Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen”. La belleza de Megan Fox al ciento por ciento.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wristwatch Motorcycles

Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau is a Brazilian artist who uses old watches to create beautiful motorcycle sculptures. They consist of metal, glass, plastic, silver and even gold piece. More pictures after the break.

Thanks : Jose Geraldo Reis Pfau