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Horse Breeds,Racing Horses,Betting Ponies,Stallion,Mare,Colt,Foal,Filly Wallpapers

Best Horses, Colts, Stallion, Foal, Filly Wallpapers and Pictures

Horse are Equus ferus mammal who have been domesticated by humas since early ages. Horse breeds fall into three types based on their temperament:- First one is spirited or "hot bloods" and they have got speed & endurance, 2nd one are called "cold bloods", like draft horses & some ponies, suitable for slow, heavy work; and the third ones are called as "warmbloods", developed from crosses between hot bloods and cold bloods breeds for riding purposes horse racing betting. and online horse betting rare curly horse breed horses and ponies.

Ponies, Racing Horse, Wild Horse and Betting Horses Photos For Windows

Life expectancy of horses depend on breeds, how you manage them, their nutrition and environment they are kept in.But usually modern domesticated horses has a of 25 to 30 years.We have on our site beautiuful horses in every colour with best breeds of ponies, colts, Foal, Filly Stallion Wallpapers for your desktop computer.Largest horse which has been recorded in history was "Shire horse" named "Mammoth", who was born in 1848.Usually horse breeders distinguish pony from well built horse from their height and their hands.You can download wild horses and domesticated or racing horse pictures and images for windows 7, linux, and mac laptops.
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Horse Breeders, Stallions at Stud, Equestrian Real Estate, foal

Egyptian Arabian horse,rare curly horse breed horses ponies

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Horses desktop pictures,photos,pics & images mare

Kentucky Horse, Horse Breeds, Horse Farms Filly

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Equus ferus wild horse, betting ponies and racing horses

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