Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Diwali Wishes,Animated Diwali Wallpapers,Diwali Quotes Photos,Luxmi,Ganesha,Swastika

Animated Pictures With Deepavali Quotes And Luxmi Ganesha Swastika Images

Festival of Lights also called as Diwali is celebrated all over India and Hindus all over the world.This beautiful festival comes in the month of oct-nov ever year and Hindus worship Lord Rama,Ganesha, Luxmi for prosperity and wealth.People wear new clothes, decorate their houses with diyas, candles, rangoli and share sweets with each other with love.Deepawali signifies victory of good over evil and enlightenment within, awareness of the oneness of all things. Its on the new moon night that Diwali puja is performed and some even perform tantric rituals as this day is considered to be very auspicious to fulfill desires of humans. Spiritual gods and hindu festival and motifs like swastika photo for your windows 7 and linux.

Happy Diwali Wallpapers And Diwali wishes Backgrounds

Govardhan Puja is celebrated the day after Deepavali called Annakoot in which large quantities of food are decorated symbolizing the Govardhan hill lifted by Krishna and saved people from God Indra.Bhaiduj is also celebrated near Diwali when brother and sister meet and feast together and brother present gifts to sister.We have on our site latest Diwali wallpapers, photos, happy Diwali pictures that you can download free for your laptops and notebook. Diwali quotes Pics backgrounds for your ipad and apple latest iphone 5.

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